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1 any number of entities (members) considered as a unit [syn: group]
2 the activity of putting things together in groups
3 a system for classifying things into groups [syn: pigeonholing]

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  1. A collection of things or people united as a group.
  2. The action of the verb to group.

Verb form

  1. present participle of group

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Grouping is form of hierarchical knowledge representation, similar to mind mapping, concept mapping and argument mapping, all of which need to observe at least some of the principles of grouping.
The principles of grouping include MECE (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive), levels of abstraction and horizontal and vertical congruence.


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Bund, Rochdale cooperative, age group, alliance, analysis, appraisal, arrangement, assemblage, assessment, association, assortment, atmosphere, axis, balance, band, batch, battalion, bevy, bloc, blood, body, bracket, branch, brigade, brushwork, bunch, cabal, cast, caste, cataloging, categorization, category, clan, class, classification, clique, clump, cluster, coalition, codification, cohort, college, color, combination, combine, common market, company, complement, composition, confederacy, confederation, consumer cooperative, contingent, cooperative, cooperative society, copse, corps, coterie, council, covey, credit union, crew, crop, crowd, culling, customs union, design, detachment, detail, division, draftsmanship, economic community, estate, evaluation, faction, factoring, federation, filing, fleet, free trade area, gang, gauging, gradation, grade, grading, group, groupment, grove, hassock, head, heading, identification, in-group, indexing, junta, kin, knot, label, league, level, line, lot, machine, mess, mob, movement, order, out-group, outfit, pack, painterliness, partnership, party, peer group, perspective, phalanx, pigeonhole, pigeonholing, placement, platoon, political machine, position, posse, predicament, race, ranging, rank, ranking, rating, regiment, ring, rubric, salon, screening, section, selection, sept, set, shading, shadow, shock, sifting, sifting out, slew, society, sorting, sorting out, squad, stable, station, status, stook, strain, stratification, stratum, string, subdivision, subgroup, suborder, subordination, tabulation, taxonomy, team, technique, thicket, tier, title, tone, treatment, triage, tribe, troop, troupe, tuft, tussock, typology, union, values, weighing, wing, winnowing, wisp
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